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Authorized Procurement Solutions (APS)

Is built on strong foundational principles of trust, efficiency and convenience. We are different from a normal distributor in the sense that we operate freely and independently, without relying on any producer; this opens up the entire global market for us.

Our Highlights

Independent Distributor: Authorized Procurement Solutions (APS) is a free distributor, this means that we procure electronic components from all renowned manufacturers around the globe, independent of the usual distribution channels as well.

Transparency: Authorized Procurement Solutions (APS) works in a fair and transparent manner, we try our best endeavors to procure the required components in the shortest possible time or by the requested date. We don’t make promises that we can’t keep.

Reach: We have access to thousands of unknown franchise distributors who provide only traceable parts at more affordable prices than local or domestic authorized distributors. We already have an established reputation in Asia, with companies like Foxconn and hundreds more, and now we’re expanding to North and South America. The possibility is limitless!

These qualities are what direct every step we take towards conveying the excellent service our customers want. Is your organization needing an innovative answer to the issues that may regularly spring up with the supply chain?

We offer an expansive, all-round service, covering everything from research, appraisal, improvement and advancement of your supply chain in order to help you stay ahead of your competitors. Whether you own a large, medium or small scale business, explore our diverse network of manufacturers and suppliers to keep your business ahead of your competitions.