APS, LLC., is committed to comply with applicable requirements and continually improve the effectiveness of our Quality Management System to provide Quality parts and services that exceeds our customer expectations.

1.- External Visual Inspection

Examination reveals evidence of prior use, secundary coating, socket pulls, retinning, lead reforming, remarking, fraudulent/ counterfeit parts.

2.- Dimension Verification

The Measuring testing confirms the manufacturer`s specifications.

3.- X-Ray Analisis

Die size, general shape, lead frame construction, wire bonding guage and routing can be checked.

4.- Ping Correlation Testing

To detect Gross defects such as opens, shorts, excessive leakage, and ESD damage caused by improper handling or storage.

5 .- Functionality Test

Ensure proper device operation – acceptable power consumption, basic functionality, and verifies datasheet parameters.

6.- Solderability Test

Reveals evidence of porosity, voids, coverage and inconsistent wetting.